Nam Ou Elephant Farm
Get a real taste of Luang Prabang

1Day Mahout Course

Program 3 - 1 Day Mahout Training

  • Welcome Drink
  • Elephant Parade
  • An Overview of The Elephant Farm, Elephants, Mahouts and Interesting facts.
  • Move to feeding platform for Hands on feeding, touching, watching, learning experience. Great Elephant “Selfies”. (handtowel provided)
  • You get to walk with your Elephant through the local village with the group doing the Morning Elephant Experience so that you can get comfortable and build a reppour with your Elephant for your full day training.
  • We sit as a group and go through a list of Mahout commands and actions.
  • You meet your Elephants and Trained Mahouts give Demonstration.
  • Guests will then mount the Elephants under the Supervision of Staff and will start practicing commands and directions on the Elephant in the safety of the Farm.
  • We break for an included lunch at Nam Ou Riverside resort
  • After Lunch back to the farm for more mahout training, and controlling Elephant without the Trained mahout leading
  • Ride the Elephants down to the Nam Ou River for bathing. Newly trained Mahouts receive Certificates and then will ride the Elephants out to the Local jungles where the Elephants will eat and take rest for the rest of the day.
  • Back to Farm for shower and Transfer back to the city